creative filmmaking


We are a film production company that specialise in unique ways of telling the stories. With over 10 years of experience we create promotional and advertisement films, documentaries, we provide hyperlapse services for music festivals and TV production all over the world. Our goal is to make your film extraordinary experience, that will remain in viewers minds for a long time.
We are hyperlapse and drone experts and we use those skills to create films that stands out from the competition. Check out our portfolio!

film festivals awards


Award winning films! Our main goal when creating a film is to make it stand out, and we have over 25 film festivals awards to prove we do it right. Check out our most awarded film, including the title of World's Best City Tourism FIlm Bielsko-Biała - a city always for people.


promotional films & ADS


We can create your film straight from the idea all the way to final edit. Creating unique experience with advanced visual techniques, adding storytelling to impact the viewer and bring out the emotions, even from a short ad is our goal. We want the film to be different, stand out. This way we make sure people will talk about your brand! And over 25 film festival awards proved, that we do it well. We have experience in advertisement, promotional films, documentaries, TV production.

creative pieces & hyperlapse


We've shot dozens of music festivals worldwide providing hyperlapse shots for aftermovies as well as creative pieces content for social media.
We've provided services for festivals like TOMORROWLAND in Belgium, SOUNDSTORM in Saudi Arabia, DEFQON 1 in Netherlands, SUNRISE FESTIVAL in Poland and many more.



Do you want to enhance your production? Add timelapse & hyperlapse shots or creative sequences. We provide freelance services of timelapse and hyperlapse shots, drone work including FPV drones and flow motion sequences making creative transitions between the shots.



Sharing our secrets to create award winning films.
As a timelapse and hyperlapse expert for over 10 years I'm sharing my techniques to teach new generation of filmmakers. Check out the Hyperlapse Academy.


Hyperlapse, flow motion editing with seamless cuts, FPV drones, engaging storytelling and amazing original music.
Here you can find all our talents in films that we produced or other productions, that we worked for.

  • Bielsko-Biała a city always for people
    Film produced by Tomasz Walczak
  • Script: Tomasz Walczak, Jakub Kruczek
  • Music: Łukasz Łędzki
  • Microsoft Cloud Cultures series
    Produced by Indigo Slate
  • Hyperlapse sequences: Tomasz Walczak, Małgorzata Rozwód
  • Wisła – the origin of countless stories
    Film produced by Tomasz Walczak
  • Script: Tomasz Walczak, Jakub Kruczek
  • Music: Łukasz Łędzki
  • Future is Bright
    Film produced by Tomasz Walczak
  • DOP, editor: Tomasz Walczak
  • Co-writer – Conrad Harvey
  • Music: Łukasz Łędzki
  • Tomorrowland Belgium 2022
    Produced by Epic Cinema
  • Hyperlapse: Tomasz Walczak
  • Soundstorm 2022 Saudi Arabia
    Produced by Creative League 
  • Hyperlapse: Tomasz Walczak
  • Gdańsk Univesity of Technology Hyperlapse Promo
    Produced by Mova Films
  • Script: Mateusz Jemioł, Mayo Kucharski, Tomasz Walczak
  • Directed by Mateusz Jemioł, Tomasz Walczak
  • Director of Photography: Tomasz Walczak
  • Eurovision Junior Song Contest 2019
  • Intro & postcards, produced by Konrad Smuga, Mikołaj Wit
  • Directed by Grzegorz Krawiec
  • DOP, editor: Tomasz Walczak
  • Explore Poland – a hyperlapse journey
    Film produced by Tomasz Walczak
  • DOP, editor: Tomasz Walczak
  • Music: Łukasz Łędzki

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